Producing Champion Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Since 1996  
Cabin Ridge Kennels is proud to be the winner of 
   Cabin Ridge 
 Welcome to Cabin Ridge
 Although our name says "kennel", that's something we're not. 
  Our dogs are our Kids, and our  goal is to produce the healthiest, happiest Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies possible; 
Pups that are home-raised, very well-socialized and sound in every way. 
Cabin Ridge puppies are a result of two wonderfully temperamented parents; who were chosen for their gentleness, over-all soundness, along with outstanding lineage within their pedigrees. 
We are very proud of our puppies, and we want our new puppy owners to be just as proud. We want you to feel confident in choosing a Cabin Ridge Puppy and will work with you every step of the way; from picking the right pup for your personality and lifestyle, to raising your new pup to be a well-mannered and welcome member of your family.